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TIBCO Spotfire

The most complete analytics solution on the market.

delivers capabilities at scale, including predictive analytics, geolocation analytics, and streaming analytics.

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Bastille Network

Cellular & RF Based Threat Detection, Location, Alerting

Bastille’s real-time Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi detection, and loca...

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n+1 Custom Servers

Purpose-Built Servers Tailored to Your Requirements

Each server is designed from the ground up to handle the specific capacity, workloads, connectivities, and I/O performance.

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Storage Class Memory (SCM) and Enterprise SSD

DapuStor is on a mission to provide intelligent, ultra-low latency, lower power consumption storage to the enterprise, and datacenter customers.

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KSI Data Science

Collaboration using Drone Feeds.

A comprehensive set of products and services that deliver collaborative end-to-end solutions to unlock the full power of your drone and IoT systems.

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Purpose-Built Ruggedized Notebooks & Tablets

Durabook brand is designed, manufactured, and tested in-house to assure maximum quality and reliability.

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Thermal screening system for your workspace and campus.

POPEntry+ is an integrated thermal imaging system that features employee temperature verification.

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Inside App

iPad Based Modern Visitor Management App

The Inside App features quick and intuitive visitor signin and signout processing, detailed reporting, customizable settings, and greeting email n...

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Keeper Plus

Ultra Safe Hardware Security Module

Where encryption key protection is critical, HSM is the only viable option, making the HSM a critical element in the architecture of any security s...

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Airgain HPUE

Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem

AirgainConnect AC-HPUE 6-in-1 is a rugged outdoor mobile antenna with integrated modem, designed to meet the most demanding LTE connectivity needs ...

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Self-refreshing drinking water storage system

Emergency water storage provides a week’s worth of drinking water for a team of 4 without requiring any maintenance.

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Network Tools

Essential Tools for the Data Center

Everything you need for network visibility, testing, cable management.

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