Purpose Built Servers

n+1 offers fully configurable custom servers that fit your needs. There are many benefits clients can get from deploying fully customizable purpose-built servers. We listen to our client’s needs for their unique requirements. Clients can select the best of breed components or customize them to their exact requirements based on the application. We use only the commercially available components that you need, avoiding vendor “lock-ins” and allowing maximum flexibility while delivering better value. n+1 has tight relationships with industry-leading component suppliers. We constantly collaborate with our supply chain to mix and match the optimal combination of the components for specific applications. Each server is designed from the ground up to handle the specific capacity, workloads, connectivities, and I/O performance. Our approach of close collaboration with customers and suppliers ensures the delivered server meets the customer’s exact requirements.


  • Optimized for AI/ML 
  • Latest GPUs from NVIDIA 
  • High density parallel processing 
  • Tensor Core Framework 
  • Scalable design 
  • High performance ultra low-latency all-flash NVMe storage


  • High availability
  • Scalable design (2 nodes up to 16 nodes in a cluster)
  • Flexibility on CPU/GPU/Drives/NIC
  • VMware vSAN ready

Database | Big Data

  • Cluster configurations optimized for capacity, compute, or I/O performance
  • Large memory support
  • High performance ultra low-latency all-flash NVMe storage


  • Industry-leading density
  • Petabyte scale capacity
  • U.2 & E1.S NVMe drive support
  • High-Performance Ultra Low-Latency All-flash NVMe storage


  • Compact ruggedized for outdoor use. IP65
  • Fanless design to operate in the most demanding environments
  • Variety of I/O and networking options
  • Short-depth rackmount or pole mount enclosures

Military & Aerospace

  • Servers meet or exceed DOD MIL-STD
  • Built for the mission critical environment


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