In the ever-evolving world of business, being good just doesn’t cut it.  If you’ve started to question whether your business can be as great as you need to be when it comes to building and maintaining an IT infrastructure, you’re not alone. Many businesses, from the federal government to SMBs to major enterprises, have begun to realize that if they want to be next level in what they do, they need to be next level in IT.

For more than three decades, the n+1 team has been partnering with our clients to provide IT solutions that solve their biggest challenges and achieve outstanding business results. Our certified, experienced IT professionals are dedicated to tailoring end-to-end solutions to meet your needs now and as your business continues to evolve and change.

Data Center

n+1 builds virtualized and highly-scalable IT solutions that are automated, secure, and application relevant to advance the vision of our clients.

When it comes to managing your data, we have one goal, to help to improve and streamline your operations to deliver higher productivity, cost-savings, and reliability. n+1 offers a robust catalog of components comprising of servers, storage, racks, power distribution, testers, networking, management, and services that enable your data center’s security, agility, and economic efficiency to support any workload.
In many organizations, workloads are being run in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud platforms while at the same time, connected devices are being deployed at the edge of the network. As the demands of IT infrastructure increase, so does the need technologies to the edge. This shift to is a result of requiring access to information so organizations can make informed decisions in real-time resulting in more rapid response time for their employees and customers. Our edge infrastructure solutions are designed to promote innovation and increases your competitive advantage, allowing you to extract maximum value from your data.
These resources are the driving force behind an organization’s applications and data – delivering accessibility, availability and the integrity of critical information assets. Increased application demands require performance standards that allow for expansion and contraction, all while delivering results. Additionally, uptime requirements can no longer be a convenience, but rather they are now a requirement of doing business. All these new demands have resulted in a new generation of storage, network and computing technologies. At n+1, we have curated the best-of-breed offerings and can help you to navigate the complexities of these evolving platforms and design and implement an architecture that meets the specific requirements of your business.
Our automation and orchestration offerings allow an organization to streamline time-intensive processes in a fully customizable manner while accelerating repetitive tasks creating efficiency without sacrificing control. These solutions review your progress, analyze application dependencies and infrastructure resources, and find ways to continually improve your customer experience. An additional layer of review can be provided by adding human decision points to the automation workflow. This results in an empowered team with the bandwidth to provide expert insight when responding to critical threats. With repetitive tasks taken care of by automation, personnel are freed up to focus on the strategic work they do best…win/win!


With all of the unknowns in the world today, mobility, flexibility, and scalability are now the standards for today’s workforce, so it’s vital that teams are able to work together regardless of their location or environment. Our customers have higher expectations than ever, so enabling them to connect whenever and however they choose is a key tenant of our communications offerings. Our clients are poised for growth with the ability to expand and contract as necessary based on the solutions our teams have developed.
We have partnered with Airgain to deliver world-class antenna solutions. Airgain is a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets, including consumer, enterprise, and automotive.
Airgain has 25+ years of experience designing Mission Critical automotive fleet and mobile antenna applications. As the original inventor of the low profile cellular antenna, we are known for our market leading performance, quality, and long product life. Airgain’s antennas build on the best in class RF performance, leading design features, and extended operational life of our highly successful Fleet and Public Safety antenna products connecting to almost any vehicular router or modem.
Antenna Plus by Airgain has a wide range of indoor and outdoor antennas designed for M2M and IoT applications, designed to flexibly mount to various surfaces and can connect to any modem. Our M2M antennas provide cost effective and high performance connectivity for fixed asset applications. Designed to blend in, we provide minimalist and robust form factors and a high level of UV protection ensuring a lifetime of reliable operation. Supporting global connectivity standards, we provide ultra-wide-band MIMO LTE support, unlicensed ISM bands, Wi-Fi, DSRC and GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou).
Vehicle area networks are changing how public and private enterprises connect to their teams on the road. n+1 is equipped to assist your organization with deploying the communication networks and devices effective fleet vehicle management requires. Fleet connectivity is essential to managing a network of vehicles spread over large geographic areas. Whether your organization requires WiFi in mass transit applications, rapid connectivity for first responders, or service fleet database access we have the communications devices and networks you’ll need to get connected.


n+1 provides our clients with the necessary tools needed to prevent an attack before it occurs. Discussions around the threat of cybersecurity have moved to the highest levels of the boardroom. Modern cyber attacks are developing at break-neck speed, using increasingly legitimate IT tools rather than rudimentary malware. Your business IT security should be of paramount importance. Traditional IT security tools provide very limited protection if user credentials are stolen. Business IT security must be preventative – using the latest tools and software to constantly analyze, learn, and monitor your IT environment and the behavior of users.
Our network security solutions protect your workplace against newly emerging threats automatically. By partnering with our dedicated team of security experts, n+1 delivers 24/7 support and expertise at a fraction of the cost. We make the often daunting task of securing your network simple. Our solutions automate the responsibility of actions required to combat the threats and attacks on your network in a seamless manner ensuring that your systems are always up to date.
n+1 provides a solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a proactive and predictive solution with higher efficacy that also performs with minimal updates, fewer system resources, and limited network and user impact. Additionaly, consulting services are available to assist in determining best practices for prevention, network architecture, internal IR workflows, vulnerability and patch management. Assessments of both internal hosts and externally facing services that attackers use to gain the foothold are also an integral part of our offerings.
We have partnered with leading cloud technology vendors to provide tailored security solutions to our clients. Our team will support you from initial assessment to full installation, to fully leverage the potential of your solution. The result is the ability to detect, investigate, and defend against attacks that attempt to access sensitive data residing in the cloud.
One of the top concerns facing organizations today is software vulnerabilities, which continue to be a prime target for attacks. Yet, most organizations lack a formal application security program and do little more than the occasional software scam. Our 360 approach includes a detailed assessment of the current practices and the effectiveness of your software development lifecycle (SDLC) frameworks. From there, our team designs and implements an all-encompassing application security program, allowing for detection and remediation of all vulnerabilities.
The protection of data is paramount. The security around data must reside on multiple levels with each being properly accounted for. Utilizing industry best practices, we have developed a solution that delivers on a granular level security around the ever-growing application environment, while at the same time, meeting all compliance requirements. The result is protection against all known and unknown emerging threats.


Our collaboration solutions were created to deliver a seamless workplace environment for the modern workforce. n+1 has designed collaboration tools to allow organizations to be connected with seamless collaboration across distributed teams. Regardless of the physical location of an employee, organizations are looking to create more robust employee engagement to enable more productivity and greater business agility. Essentially, working smarter, not harder.

We help make your organization efficient by rethinking your business process, improving employee collaboration, and making activities transparent and compliant. 

Our workflow process management solution integrates and automates your everyday business process.  Using the tools you are already familiar with such as SharePoint, we deliver the best in class solution that can scale and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.  

In the ever-changing landscape of the business world, collaboration is more essential than ever. Our team designs, builds, supports, manages and optimizes video-based collaboration programs for businesses based on the unique requirements and goals of the organization. Our solutions combine industry leading video conferencing equipment, desktop & remote working solutions, mobile and BYOD conferencing, and professional tools for business collaboration. The n+1 portfolio also includes all the related peripherals and accessories to excel communications across your business, and the services and support needed to ensure long-term goals are met.
Enterprises and IT operations are looking forward to the data network as a common medium for data, productivity, and AV communications to maximize efficiency and ROI. Our solution delivers the performance and dependability of traditional AV distribution, combined with the unrestricted scalability and cost efficiency of integration over data networks. The installation is relatively simple as is the day-to-day management – whether for a small meeting room or an entire corporate campus.
n+1 offers digital workplace services that enable you to meet the transformational needs of your organization. Our offerings empowers you to keep pace with increasing technological change and rising user demand for more remote and innovative services. Each customized solution enables employees to connect to the people, information and services regardless of their physical location, allowing them to optimize their time. By providing unifying technology, data can be utilized across an organization in real time allowing for increased ROI and reduced down-time.
n+1 offers a dynamic portfolio of industry-leading video wall solutions encompassing a wide range of different technologies, sizes and resolutions. Our LED and LCD solutions feature seamless, ultra-fine pitch direct view LED video walls or the narrowest LCD bezels with the slimmest installation depths. Our LED-illuminated rear projection video wall displays deliver superb image quality and industry-leading power-efficient performance. All of our video walls deliver superior visual performance with 24×7 reliability.


At n+1, we help address concerns about cloud security, cloud stability, and cloud data ownership. We create custom cloud service solutions that help businesses by maximizing uptime by building a customized hybrid cloud services solution with the ability to replicate local data to the cloud.
n+1 offers several types of public cloud solutions to include: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platforms. The ability to scale in a cost-effective manner, make this type of technology highly attractive. Public cloud services are deployed much faster and offer more adaptability and accessibility than on-premises infrastructure solutions. This solution is ideal for clients that need to bring a service to market quickly, have less industry regulatory hurdles or are looking to outsource a portion or all of their IT services.
Our private cloud solutions create environments dedicated to a specific end-user, typically within the user’s firewall. However, we also provide the option for data center hosting with isolated access. Through our private cloud offerings, our clients are able to run their current infrastructure while performing work at optimal levels with scalability and efficiency. Private cloud solutions are ideal for organizations that must comply with strict federal and industry regulations including government, healthcare, financial and insurance or organizations that operate highly critical applications.
This model is a combination of our private and public cloud solutions. The hybrid cloud soution allows businesses to run applications primarily using their private cloud services, while relying on a public cloud to accommodate spikes in usage. The various advantages to utilizing a hybrid cloud include increased architectural flexibility, more control of infrastructure and data, improved security and compliance options, along with technical predictability. Implementing hybrid cloud solutions enables businesses to select and customize the best-fit cloud services strategy to meet current business demands while at the same time providing a flexible framework that will allow them to expand and contract as needed and manage future goals.
Multi-cloud management provides a solution for an environment where multiple clouds from different providers are used for separate tasks. To automate the task and optimize cost, organizations will require a robust multi-cloud management platform. We have teamed with industry leading partners to offer a solution that significantly reduces the dependency on a single provider. Our management system delivers wide-ranging features to oversee environments across a multi-cloud environment resulting in seamless automation.
Cloud based backup is the most efficient way to ensure that you will never lose access to your files in the event of any type of failure . Unlike cloud storage services, cloud backup solutions rely on an automated process either on a schedule or continuously scanning files for changes. This method will ensure that a copy of each user’s files exists somewhere on the cloud, regardless of the availability of a local version.

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